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Write, Boil Cover & Wear!

How to Personalize your Twigo Tag: Simply Write, Boil (Cover) & Wear (Any medium ballpoint pen will work. No Sharpies or Gel Pens)

1. Write details on back. Mistake? Remove with rubbing alcohol & rewrite. Soap will not remove ink.

Customer Tip for writing on our Silence Pocket: place two quarters inside the pocket before writing. This will create a flat surface to write on.

2. Place in boiling water for 2 minutes. Ink changes to purple color. Allow to dry.

3. Twigo Silence Pocket only - Place existing engraved tag inside the smile in the front.

5. Secure by slipping loop into collar ring + pull over tag tighten and secure

Silenent Pocket Wear Options

Maintaining your Twigo Tag

If tag becomes dirty, wash with soap and water not alcohol.

Ink pens fade on paper and will fade on silicone but don’t fret, you can simply write boil & wear again.

A customer Tip: One of our customers who sets their kids artwork with hairspray has done the same thing with their Twigo Tag with success. After the tag dries, spray with hairspray and let dry - DO NOT touch until it for 30 min. Hairspray removes any feathered ink and helps maintain ink vibrancy. We are currently testing the long term uses and do not have results to report yet.